Miss Red Carpet

Miss Red Carpet 2015


Enter to be crowned the 2015 Miss Red Carpet®!

Imagine a place that you were judged on the quality of your poses and interview skills rather than your swimwear.

Its time to show your best side!

Do you think you rock the Red Carpet better than anyone?

Enter to be crowned the 2015 Miss Red Carpet!
This years Miss Red Carpet will be crowned October 19th, 2015, on the annual Anniversary of the 1st Red Carpet rolled out in Hollywood. They will also receive a special once-in-a-lifetime Red Carpet Gift Bag – which will include attending a Hollywood or NY Red Carpet experience!
Miss Red Carpet is an annual look to find the person who best represents and signifies the overall Red Carpet experience for the next generation. The contests will be judged based on the 4 key elements to any Red Carpet…


Style – Your fashion/style sense when walking the Red Carpet
Interview – How do you fare when giving Red Carpet Interview?
Poses – What are your 3 go-to poses that best represent you
Overall Creativity – This can vary greatly. But we won’t give you any hints..

The Style, Interview and Poses portion of the submissions must be filmed on a Red Carpet + Step Repeat.

Unlike years past, we are will be taking submissions via an online portal to collect and upload submissions.

Miss Red Carpet 2015 will have
Overall – 16 and older
Kids – 12 and under

For more info please email us at info@redcarpets.com. The judging committee, as well as the submission guidelines, and final 2015 timeline will be posted shortly!