Best Of RCR Step & Repeats

RCR has compiled a "Best Of" Step & Repeat gallery so you can check out our most popular and unique step and repeats. Here you'll find backdrops that come in all sizes, colors and layouts! This is a perfect guide to Step & Repeat design, and it will help you narrow down your favorite style for your Red Carpet Event! Check out our gallery below and start planning your next event!
  • The Dean

  • India’s Sweet 16

  • Joenith and Diomede’s Wedding

  • Deva & Shafeek’s Wedding

  • Craig’s Birthday

  • Get 2 Werk

  • Breeahna’s Birthday

  • Rahim’s 18th Birthday

  • Josh & Jason’s Wedding

  • Stephanie & Lucas’ Wedding

  • 40th

  • Cider Magazine

  • The Lincoln Reagan Dinner

  • Olivia’s Sweet 16

  • Nikki’s 30th Red Carpet Affair

  • Sylvia’s Birthday Celebration

  • “Winning the Customer”

  • Ricky’s 33rd Birthday

  • Design Life Networking

  • NY City Center

  • Speak Bubbles

  • Sparkle Events

  • Alicia’s 13th Birthday

  • Jen’s Birthday

  • Victoria Tate & Ty Blackwell

  • Engauge

  • Jada’s Sweet 16

  • Reggine’s Birthday

  • Lesly & Cameron’s Wedding

  • Stila

  • Bj’s Birthday

  • Vantavia’s Birthday

  • Emma’s 10th Birthday Bash

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RedCarpets.com is your place to find a variety of colors available in any size for your next event. All carpets are CUT to your required dimensions, BOUND and shipped directly to you within 24hrs. All Step and Repeat backdrops print upon final art approval, and arrive to your doorstep in time for your next party or event!