Clients can select ground or express shipping options via FedEx or using their own FedEx / UPS Accounts. Final cost depends on final package dimensional weight and delivery zip code.

Design Team

Our design team works with clients to assist them in creating their custom backdrop. We work everyday for our clients. Born in Hollywood, we currently operate & ship nationwide.

Do I keep everything?

Yes. Everything we offer is for sale, not rent.

The Difference

RedCarpets.com, which started as Red Carpet Runway almost a decade ago, is America’s premium brand of Red Carpet + Custom Backdrop design. Individuals, groups, cities and businesses can give their events a customized Red Carpet Experience. Our signature product is a trademarked all-in-one easy to use backdrop & red carpet package that anyone can create and order online.

The Mission

To print, design and manufacture Custom Backdrops, Event Carpets, and Accessories. It’s the only thing we do. We sleep, eat, and live the Red Carpet.

The Mantra

Allow anyone to create their own Red Carpet experience


The Red Carpet we use is manufactured to the identical specifications, quality and thread count as the Red Carpet used by world famous award shows. It is fully bound 1/2 inch pulled twill nylon piece of red carpet.



Yes. Your backdrop can be re-hung, over and over! After your event roll (don’t fold) your backdrop and hang accordingly as needed.

Indoor & Outdoor

The Step/Repeats are best used indoors on a flat surface. Due to weather conditions such as wind, rain, etc along with uneven surfaces.


Call us 1-888-RUNWAY-9 or email us (info@redcarpets.com) with your prior order number and we will run you through our discounted backdrop reorder program, so your upcoming event can be as special as your last.


For portable versions, you will need a flat surface or hanging area to set-up; glass, wallpaper, & walls work best. The 3M removable hanging hooks For professional versions, a stand is included for hanging.

Help! I don’t have a logo!

Once you purchase a RedCarpets.com, our team of graphics designers can work with you to design your own custom backdrop. If you already have a logo, just email it to us and we’ll take care of the rest. If you need a logo, we will work with you to help create one.


The Step/Repeat Backdrop we use are professional grade smooth vinyl. Each backdrop includes either 1/2 inch grommets or 4 inch pole pockets along the top/bottom. Eco-Friendly options such as stretch cloth is available upon request.



All you need is a large, flat wall or glass area in mind to hang the backdrop and rollout your red carpet. 3M removable hanging hooks and suction cups are included.


All you need is a large, flat wall or glass area in mind to hang the backdrop and rollout your red carpet. 3M removable hanging hooks and suction cups are included.


Typical setup time is 10-15 minutes. It is as easy as 1-2-3.


Each order that we create is one of a kind and customized for each client. Due to the customization, we unfortunately cannot accept any returns on any merchandise. Click below read RedCarpets.com terms

Privacy Policy

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* We ship FedEx for delivery to get the client the best rate on each order. Once FedEx has the package all tracking can be done through their respective website, as you will have the necessary tracking info

* Excessive or abnormal use of any of our products may cause damage to them, and thus alter their appearance or affect their look when displayed. This includes the carpet, the backdrop and the stand. Please be conscious of that when locating an area to set-up your Red Carpet Runway

* All of our items are inspected for quality once they leave our facility en route to the client

* If an item arrived to you either damaged or defective, the complaint should be filed with FedEx as their handling of the materials may have an adverse affect on the exact delivery to each location

* All return requests are to be made through info@redcarpets.com, where a specific response regarding your situation will be emailed back to you based on the return policy points listed here.

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