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Who uses Red Carpet Runway® products and packages for their private parties, special events, screenings, award shows, corporate gatherings?

Thousands of companies and individuals.

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“We have received the backdrop and the carpet sent by you.  I am thoroughly pleased with the product and look forward to using them at our party!  I will send you some pictures as soon as we get them together.” Thank you for your service!

Jake T.

“We had a Bat Mitzvah party for my daughter and her friend and the kids LOVED having their photos taken on the red carpet!  I’m sending a couple more emails with more photos.  Enjoy!”

Carla B.

“I attended my clients event last Saturday and felt like a superstar having my photo taken in front of the Save The Arts Awards backdrop. Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to working with you again.”

Heidi M.

“The party was awesome! Our clients liked your red carpet and the backdrop is really nice! thanks so much!”

Ann H.

  • Miss USA Org

  • Sex and the City Movie Screening

  • MTV - TRL Finale

  • CBS Early Show Segments

  • Celebrity Charities

  • Networking

  • Birthday Parties